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Just like any other successful organization, we have a group of talented and well-trained professionals, who work tirelessly to offer top-notch services to our clients and partners.


Gary Michael White

Managing Partner

Tripp Jones

Managing Partner

Christopher Rondon

Managing Partner

Beto Paredes

Business Development /

Lannah Paredes

Sales Management

Debasis Kar

Chief Engineer

Subhra Ghatak

Project Management

Our Software Was Designed by
Partner Beto Paredes and Our
Chief Data Scientist Gary
Michael White.

The Beto Paredes Family of Companies Have Launched Over 2,000 Projects Since 2004 With Major Platforms Builds for 7 of the inc.500 they Have 33 Full Time Engineers, Designers and Software Architects.

Beyond Pece, They Have Extensive Software Development Background in the Medical Industry Including:

Medical Device and Equipment Expiration and Procurement Technology

Ans Medical Device Med Tech Services Software

Medical Device Sales Operations Software

Laboratory Qualification and Requisition Form Software

Medical Necessity Survey Technology

Medical Industry Marketing Real Time Bidding Software

Online Marketplace Development for Used, Nearly Expired and Expired Medical Equipment Sold Internationally (Partnered With the Largest Demand Side in the World)

Gary Michael White Has Placed
500+ Ans Devices Over the Last
10 Years.

Michael White has extensive experience with marker data from ANS testing and its value to Diagnostic Centers. He scripted the data science that operates the core algorithms in PECE. He is known in the industry for his high medical device adjudication programs and his mastery of the ANS testing environment. Currently he maintains a 98% adjudication rate across all his clients on the device that accompanies this program.

Gary Michael White

Managing Partner

Tripp Jones

Managing Partner

Christopher Rondon

Managing Partner

We also have 2 billing professionals, Tripp Jones and Chris Rondon, who works at maintaining the algorithms associated with adjudication. They are both 30 years in the industry and own billing companies with hundreds of clients. Tripp Jones is also a managing partner of Octavius, a medical industry hedge fund owned by Morgan Stanley.


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