Dr Mohiuddin is a board-certified neurologist from Syracuse, New York who currently holds a medical license through the state of New York and Florida. Below you will find a discussion with Dr. Mohiuddin as well as letters of recommendation from his group.

Discussion On The RM-3A Test With Dr. Samah Mohiuddin


From Mohammad Rana

Dr. Mohiuddin and I have been in touch with Dr. Mahmood about expanding our business in South Florida. Our goal is to improve patient care through preventative medical tools and provide early detection of diseases. We have already successfully implemented our services in two of our neurology practices in both Syracuse and Watertown New York.

Dr. Mahmood has a clear understanding of our testing model and how it can help detect early neurological, peripheral vascular, cardiovascular disease. This will improve patient care for his practice and other referring physicians.

Patients with symptoms and or diagnosis of diabetes, dizziness, neuropathy, brachial plexus disorders, limb pain, transient ischemic attacks, Parkinson’s disease, syncope, tachycardia, Reynaud’s syndrome, peripheral vascular disease, atherosclerotic disease of the lower limbs can be best helped by our services.

Detailed reporting and recommendations from our testing will be sent directly to the ordering physicians. Some patients with abnormal test results may need further testing or work up. Commonly this has led to patients being referred to a vascular surgeon, cardiologist, and or a neurologist sooner to address the diagnosis. Referring physicians can set up further testing including ultrasound, CT and MR Angiography, cardiac monitoring, lab work all recognized and reported in the PECE software that accompanies the medical device program.

In both of our Syracuse and Watertown practices we have been able to effect change in patient care and clinical outcomes. Patients have been very appreciative of early detection of diabetes, along with higher cardio-metabolic risks for heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. Having objective data to share with each patient has helped motivate patients to act and improve the quality of their own health.

Sincerely, Mohammad Rana


The medical device program and PECE platform offered by AWS is an incredible investment for a diagnostic center.

Cardio-autonomic neuropathy, and small fiber neuropathy diagnosis cannot be made with routine laboratory tests, and clinical examination alone. Both conditions can lead to a change in management depending on what symptoms the patient has and what diagnosis is concluded. For example, patients with cardiovagal impairment can be advised to use compression stockings, or for more severe cases fludrocortione, and or midodrine can be used. A skin biopsy can be avoided for patients with a small fiber neuropathy diagnosis with this test.

In reference to " Autonomic system testing is considered investigational in all other situations when criteria are not met including but not limited to the evaluation of the following conditions:

Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, hypertension, ect..."

I order this test for symptomatic patients and there are over fifty symptoms that indicate further evaluation on medical necessity. This has led to over 40% of my patients taking this ANS RM-3A test. I document the symptoms in my office note before I order the test. For all Medicare insurances I would recommend ordering this test once a year when indicated based on signs and symptoms.

I do believe this combination test provides patients useful information and guidance to overall improvement of their health in addition to provide your diagnostic center additional revenue.

Regards,Dr. Samah Mohiuddin


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